Are punishment drills a productive coaching tool?

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Do you make your team run laps as punishment?

Using exercise as a form of consequence isn’t a new tactic in coaching. But is it an effective and healthy tool?

Framing physical activity as fun, instead of punishment, can offer long-term benefits. Check out these alternatives to using exercise as punishment in your sport.

Do you know how to keep your team safe in the summer heat?

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You see it on the news every summer. Youth athletes hospitalized due to heat illness. As parents and coaches, it is important to recognize the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Keep your athletes safe by learning how to detect and prevent heat illness from happening on your watch.

What College Coaches Look For In High School Athletes

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With a lot of competition for a relatively small number of athletic scholarships, high school athletes need to know what college coaches are looking for. Performance on the field matters, but so does what you do off the field. Read our guide to find out what college coaches are looking for in their scholarship athletes.

Summer Nutrition Tips For Youth and Teen Athletes

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Summer break leads to big changes in kids’ eating habits, and not always for the better. Read this article for a guide to keeping active kids fueled up for long summer days. 

How to Teach Accountability In A Positive Way

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Holding people accountable is often perceived as a negative, but accountability can be empowering when it is done in a positive way. Read this to learn how you can use positive reinforcement to teach youth athletes accountability. 

Five Ways Coaches Can Encourage Teamwork

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To effectively encourage teamwork in youth sports, coaches need to do more than talk about it. Here are five ways coaches can create an environment conducive to teamwork.

Kids and Carbonation: Is Sparkling Water Good for Youth Athletes?

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There’s a lot of confusion about whether the carbonation in fizzy drinks like sparkling water is harmful for kids. Read this article to find out whether carbonation is good or bad for young athletes.