Seven Steps to Teaching Youth Athletes to Respect Umpires and Referees

Our friends at TrueSport have provided us with another great tip sheet. This one on the topic of our treatment of umpires and referees in youth sports. It is a terrific read and recommended for all players, parents and coaches.


Boost Leadership Skills in Youth Athletes with These 13 Tips

Our friends at TrueSport have some great pointers for parents of young athletes. Are leaders born or developed? Dr. Timothy Baghurst says it’s a little of both, and these 13 skills can help all youth sports athletes be better leaders. We especially like #’s 9 and 11.

More from TrueSport on bullying

Research shows bystander intervention is one of the most effective ways to stop a bully. Here is a great set of tips for adults and kids on how to successfully intervene from our friends at TrueSport.

The six stages of bullying

Our friends at TrueSport have again come through with a terrific article about bullying that all parents, teachers and coaches ought to read. Bullying and the effects of bullying occur in stages, and understanding this progression is essential for preventing and stopping bullying.

Five Bullying Wake-up Calls for Parents

From our friends at Effective bullying prevention begins by understanding the facts about who is affected by bullying, how many are affected, and what we can do about it.

Six fast and nutritious breakfast ideas from TrueSport

Energize your child with these 6 quick and easy breakfast ideas. Breakfast is crucial for academic and sport performance, so here are 6 easy and quick breakfast ideas to get your young athlete ready for the day, from our partners at

Encourage competition while discouraging cheating in youth sports

Youth sports area great for teaching the value of competition, but it’s important to also teach the difference between playing to win and taking shortcuts. Our friends at TrueSport have some terrific pointers on how to get young athletes to see that sportsmanship trumps winning without making them lose their edge.