Warning Signs Your Teen Athlete is Abusing Steroids

The abuse of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs is rising among teenage athletes. However, it can be easy to miss the signs a teen is abusing steroids. Read this article for a guide to what parents and coaches should look for, and what you can do to get the athlete the help they need. Courtesy of our friends at TrueSport.

Thriving or Surviving: Signs Your Kid is Stretched Too Thin!

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There’s a limit to how much any of us – adults or kids – can pile into our schedules. Unfortunately, young athletes have neither the experience to know where their limits are, nor the autonomy to make appropriate changes. Read this article for tips and strategies to help your young athlete adapt and thrive with a challenging schedule! 

How Youth Sports Parents Encourage Doping – Without Even Knowing It!

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You may be totally opposed to doping, but the actions and attitudes of a parent can sometimes have an unexpected effect on a young athlete’s belief system!

Read this article to learn how parents inadvertently push their kids toward taking performance enhancing drugs, without even knowing it!

Tips for Fueling Vegetarian Teen Athletes

If you have kids who are vegetarian, or if you’d even just like to cut down on the amount of meat they (and you) are eating, here is some good information from our friends at TrueSport: Regardless of whether your athlete participates in an endurance, strength, or even combat sport, he or she can absolutely perform at their best while consuming a vegetarian diet. Figuring out what exactly to feed a plant-based athlete isn’t always easy in the beginning, but following these tips will help them cover all their nutritional bases, so they can play at their best on the field. Read article

17,000 Referees Reveal the Real Problem with Sportsmanship in Youth Sports

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Sportsmanship is one of the values adults hope children learn from youth sports, but new data suggests the kids might understand sportsmanship better than the adults!
Read this article to learn more about this survey of 17,000 referees and what it means for young athletes, their parents, and their coaches.

How Youth Sports Develop Ethical Men and Women

From our partners at TrueSport: One of the most prominent conversations over the past year has revolved around the pervasiveness of poor – and sometimes criminal – behavior from men toward women, and sometimes women toward men. As society grapples with this crisis, youth sport can play a role in changing the culture for the next generation. While many factors contribute to the ways men and women interact as adults, a positive youth sports experience may teach values and interpersonal skills that help both boys and girls develop into ethical and honorable adults. Here’s how.

Sports Nutrition Tips for Promoting Healthy Bones

From our partners at TrueSport: Kids who participate in youth sports achieve greater peak bone mineral density in their 20s than kids who watch from the bleachers, but only with adequate nutritional support. In some extreme cases, poor dietary choices coupled with high intensity exercise can reduce bone mineral density instead of increasing it! To ensure you are promoting optimal bone health in your youth sport athlete, follow these recommendations. Read article.