Reasons for hope and optimism

It’s not all bad news out there. From our partners at UNICEF: Watching the daily news cycle often makes the state of the world seem dire. But if you take a step back, you can see incredible progress happening — and it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate. Our work together has helped children and communities everywhere, by several measures — which gives us many reasons to be hopeful about the future. We want to share a few of those reasons with you.

Let’s all do something to make the world a better place today and this weekend.

Our partners at UNICEF are asking for your help

Please read below from our partners at UNICEF and give if you can:


The situation is desperate. Across Africa and the Middle East, famine threatens 2.5 million children’s lives. Every day, we receive more horrifying details.

UNICEF is on the ground in every single one of the 13 countries living in the shadow of a looming famine. What’s more, we procure 80% of the world’s therapeutic food — meaning we can save children’s lives rapidly, with your support.

Please, stand with these vulnerable children, even when the odds are stacked against their survival. Make a gift of $50 today, and it will be MATCHED to reach more children around the world.

Children are suffering. Donate now.
The children living in these 13 countries are part of a generation that has never seen a day of peace or safety.

Some are orphans. Others are forced into marriage at a shockingly young age. Still more are out of school, losing hope and opportunity with every day that goes by. Almost all have grown up amidst violence and death that no child should have to witness.

But today, you can make twice the impact to aid every child — from famine-stricken South Sudan to war-torn Syria — on their journey to a better future. Renew your commitment now, and your gift will be doubled to make a difference for the world’s most vulnerable children.

This 2x gift match ends on Thursday at midnight. Please don’t wait to take this lifesaving step.

Your commitment will save lives,

Help UNICEF Send 500,000 therapeutic food packets to children facing starvation.

Please help our partners at UNICEF save children in regions facing famine and starvation. Read below:

Right now, 13 countries across Africa and the Middle East are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

Famine is threatening 2.5 million children. It’s depriving the youngest and most vulnerable babies and toddlers of nutrition and health, pushing them closer to starvation and even death with every passing day.

But here’s something remarkable: UNICEF purchases an incredible 80% of the world’s Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food Packets (RUTF). We are ready to deliver RUTF packets to those who need it, quickly and efficiently.

Donate in the next 48 hours to help us send 500,000 RUTF packets to children in need — before it’s too late.

At just 37 cents a packet RUTF packets are one of the most cost-effective impacts you can make upon the world’s most vulnerable children. These peanut-paste-filled packets help stop malnutrition in its tracks, bringing health to kids who can’t get the nutrition they need to grow and thrive.

Right now, when famine and near-famine conditions are ravaging thirteen countries, we need RUTF packets to save children’s lives.

Help us send 500,000 desperately-needed RUTF packets to the children who need it most — before it’s too late. Donate in the next 48 hours >>

If you move quickly, together we’ll save lives,


UNICEF Kid Power Month

Our partners, UNICEF, are asking friends and families to come together and use their energy to help send Therapeutic Food packets to kids in need. Let’s all give thanks to how lucky were are by helping out.

UNICEF 70th Anniversary Choose a Photo Contest

Vote for your favorite photo and give recognition to our partner, UNICEF and all the great work they do worldwide for children in need. From their website: For UNICEF’s 70th anniversary, we want you to choose the most captivating and powerful UNICEF photo from our seven decades of working for the world’s children. Browse the top contenders, and place your vote in time to celebrate 70 years of UNICEF!

Help on Giving Tuesday

After Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday. And two of our favorite causes, both of which help children, are asking for your help. And both will double your generous gift.


A donation of $20 can help to get one kid off the couch and active in 2017. Can you help us raise $1000 and get at least 50 kids active next year?


Bombs. Airstrikes. Artillery fire. These are the sounds that children in Syria wake up and go to bed to each day.

Children in Syria, Iraq and Yemen saw the same sun rise as you did this morning — but they face a bitter future and a constant and painful fight for survival.

This Giving Tuesday I’m asking you to take advantage of a powerful match offer and DOUBLE the critical help you can offer vulnerable children around the world.

It can’t be any easier to help than this

How would you like to help children in need simply by writing a sentence or two of encouragement. That is what you are able to thanks to UNICEF. Go to and they will donate $1.00 on your behalf for every positive message they can pass along to displaced Syrian refugee children. It literally takes less than a minute. And sure, $1.00 might not seem like a lot, but when you have little to nothing, it can mean everything. And besides, your message of hope might be more valuable than any money.