Custom baseball bags

Our partners at Upstart Sports ( are now adding to their line of custom gear for baseball with a fantastic selection of baseball and softball bags. Choose from the duffle or backpack style and you’ll get bags with your team’s embroidered logo¬† and in your team’s colors. Nothing says team spirit like Upstart Sports’ custom team batting gloves and now baseball/softball bags.

Don’t have custom batting gloves yet?

All we can ask is, why not? Our partner Upstart Sports ( will make them for your youth league, travel organization or high school team. Embroidered or silkscreened with your logos and colors. You’ll be shocked at how affordable they are and will love the quality. Players love them and they can even be sold as a fundraiser.

One, two, three, FORCE!

Check out the custom batting gloves done by one of our partners at If you’re involved in travel baseball or softball, these make a great fundraiser and spirit item.

Custom Team Football Gloves

Our partners at Upstart Sports have can make your high school or youth football team the sharpest looking team in the league. Top-quality, exceptional fit and durability, you’ll be the envy of your opponents. Check them out at

Custom Football Gloves

Our friends at Upstart Sports are growing by leaps and bounds and now offer a full line of custom football gloves to go with their very popular team batting gloves. They are top-of-line quality at an affordable price so high schools and youth leagues can use them as a fundraiser.

Custom Football Gloves

Did you know that our partners at Upstart Sports did custom football gloves too? We already told you about their custom batting gloves. If you’re involved in a youth football league or high school team, their custom gloves make a great spirit pack item or just terrific option to enhance your team’s uniform.

Batting gloves for your league

If you’re looking for a cool fundraiser or awesome enhancement to your all-star uniforms, take a look at our partners, They will customize top-of-the-line batting gloves for your team or league. Nothing gets kids more excited on the ball field!

Fall equipment purchases

You may be involved in a youth soccer league that does a fall season, or a youth baseball league that runs a pitching machine league this fall. Maybe the high school semester just ended and it’s time to look at purchases for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey or soccer this fall. Whatever your needs, we recommend our partner Upstart Sports. They’ll have what you need and, if they don’t, contact them and they’ll get it for you. You can trust the folks at Upstart to get you the best sporting goods at the lowest prices.

Pick up your copy of February’s OnDeck Newsletter

If you didn’t have it delivered you can still read this month’s issues of our popular OnDeck newsletter for baseball and for soccer.¬† Make sure you visit our sponsors and take advantage of all the great offers.

Upstarts Sports adds new tennis product

Yes, we know that there is no CoachDeck for tennis, (yet) but boy or boy do we like this product. And, in reality, young baseball and softball hitters could probably use it as a really cool batting tee. Our partners at Upstart Sports have added The Eye Coach to their product line. The Eye Coach is a fantastic way to develop correct swing technique and eye-hand coordination as well as muscle-memory. Check out this and all the other great “hidden gems” at Upstart Sports.