Fall equipment purchases

You may be involved in a youth soccer league that does a fall season, or a youth baseball league that runs a pitching machine league this fall. Maybe the high school semester just ended and it’s time to look at purchases for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey or soccer this fall. Whatever your needs, we recommend our partner Upstart Sports. They’ll have what you need and, if they don’t, contact them and they’ll get it for you. You can trust the folks at Upstart to get you the best sporting goods at the lowest prices.

Pick up your copy of February’s OnDeck Newsletter

If you didn’t have it delivered you can still read this month’s issues of our popular OnDeck newsletter for baseball and for soccer.  Make sure you visit our sponsors and take advantage of all the great offers.

Upstarts Sports adds new tennis product

Yes, we know that there is no CoachDeck for tennis, (yet) but boy or boy do we like this product. And, in reality, young baseball and softball hitters could probably use it as a really cool batting tee. Our partners at Upstart Sports have added The Eye Coach to their product line. The Eye Coach is a fantastic way to develop correct swing technique and eye-hand coordination as well as muscle-memory. Check out this and all the other great “hidden gems” at Upstart Sports.

10% off from Upstart Sports

From now until the end of the year one of our OnDeck Newsletter sponsors, Upstart Sports, is offering a 10% off promo code site-wide! Check out their unusual and hard-to-find items and save by entering DEC15 at checkout. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Cyber Monday from Upstart Sports!

One of our advertisers, Upstart Sports, wants to give you a fresh Cyber Monday deal. Use the promo code, NOV15 and receive 10% off any order. But hurry, this offer ends today!

Get a Sideline Shelter for your team for FREE!

Our partner, Upstart Sports, has developed an incredible program that will enable your team or organization to own the wildly popular Sideline Team Shelter with zero impact on your budget. In fact, there’s a good chance it will be cash-positive, meaning you’ll actually MAKE money when it is all said and done. This may be one of the best programs we’ve seen in some time and wanted to pass it along.

Best way to care for a baseball glove

Our friends at Vinci Pro have created a detailed page of tips for caring for your ball glove. The high points are that you should remember that the leather is like your own skin and that means it is best kept clean and free of pore-clogging oils or creams. But in order to care for a great Vinci glove, you’ll need to order one first which you can do from our partners at Upstart Sports. Play ball!