Pick up your copy of February’s OnDeck Newsletter

If you didn’t have it delivered you can still read this month’s issues of our popular OnDeck newsletter for baseball and for soccer.  Make sure you visit our sponsors and take advantage of all the great offers.

I need help coaching my Little League team!

There are many well-intentioned volunteers out there who could use some help coaching their youth baseball teams. If assistance running fun and effective practices is what’s needed, we would always recommend our CoachDeck, chock full of 52 good, fundamental drills each of which contains a valuable, “Make it a Game” feature that simulates game-day intensity and turns an ordinary drill into a fun competition kids love. If you’re looking for game and practice strategies to help your team win, look no further than the aptly named, Winning Secrets, which will propel you to the next level in your league standings.

Either way, have fun, do your best, and remember win or lose that if you can get every player to want to come back and play again next year, you did your job!